Why Pokemon Go Was So Successful?

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Why Pokemon Go Was So Successful?

In today’s century, everyone wants fun that never ends. People used to look at theaters for fun centuries ago then came the age of cinemas and TVs. Despite all these things audience desires to act and be like their favorite character so they can act, move and do what their favorite characters do so they can feel like it’s happening in real-time. Their desires come true with the invention of video games and later through the augmented reality games also known as real-world environment games. Various video game companies created games for play stations and mobiles with different stories and themes and many got quite famous among the gamers but no one has managed to make gamers addicted to it more than Pokémon Go.

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Its augmented reality and location-based game published by Niantic and as a part of the Pokémon franchise. The game was published for IOS and Android users in 2016. It was a dream of Pokémon fans to have their favorite Pokémon character along with them and this game allows you to play with your favorite Pokémon character and by using GPS you can locate, capture and battle monsters and it all feels like real as they are present in your real-life environment. It was initially 150 characters but now it has more than 450 species.

The game received a mixed response but did a great business and got downloaded 500 million times at the end of 2016. Though some criticize it for people getting addicted to it even there were reports of soldiers playing Pokémon in war zones.

So let’s find out why it got such a response by the audience and what makes it different from other games.

Strong Story Line

Pokémon series is a favorite of many including myself. It was usual for me to watch Pokémon cartoons after school and trade cards with my friends. The game story is the main reason behind the game’s overwhelming success. It’s one of my and many other all-time favorites and including Pokémon in gaming series made it more popular and like a dream comes true for its fans.

Game strategy

The best thing about the game is that you have to physically travel to explore the game map and it all feels like real. You create an account create and customize your avatars share GPS of your location and if there is augmented reality mode you can even see your avatar like it’s with you.


After a few levels probably level 5, you can interact with other players and join teams. Pokémon is unique because you have to walk in real in order to find other Pokémon and it’s a kind of real social interaction not virtual.

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Constant events by Niantic

The game was launched in 2016 but people are still crazy about it because Niantic knows the value of this game and they are continuously organizing different events like monthly community day or random holiday game events and also introducing new features after a time being.


I have been playing this game for a few years but whenever I open it feels like I’m playing for the first time.

It has numerous features and it’s highly recommended for those who are fed up with shooting zombie games. Play this once and I assure you won’t regret reading our story about our experience with Pokémon Go.

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