5 Amazing WhatsApp Features That You Might Not Know

5 WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp has changed the course of the virtual connectivity since the release of the app. Over 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp around 180 countries and the App keeps updating for Better each day.

Here are 5 features in the recent update


5 Amazing WhatsApp Features That You Might Not Know

Which you might not know about.

Group Invitation

Recent update for Android has included the Group Invitation feature that allows you to decide and choose whether and which of the people can add your contact number in a specific group.

You get to choose amongst 3 options that are

  1. Everyone
  2. My contacts
  3. No one.

You can find this under Settings>Accounts>Privacy>Groups.

Also, the user gets the option to either Accept or Decline, the invitation.

Consecutive Voice Message

Voice messaging is One of the prominent features of this app, and undoubtedly most used one across the world. WhatsApp for Android has enabled a Consecutive Voice message feature for Android. Change is after you play your one voice message, there’s a sound effect and another voice message is followed next. So the hassle of manually playing each message one after the other has now disappeared for better.

Forwarding Messages

WhatsApp was one of the Apps that hyped forwarded messages so much, that is almost led to a chain of forwarded messages that you just can’t trace and before you know, it was everywhere!! But guess what, it’s not the same anymore. With the recent update, any message that is forwarded has a “forwarded” label to it. Whether it is a text, a video, or it is a photograph!

And this is by far the most intellectual approach WhatsApp has initiated according to me.

Algorithm Based Status Tab

Unlike other applications, WhatsApp was a bit late in rolling out this feature. But it sure didn’t disappoint. The algorithm based Status Tab for androids, lets you upload either a 30seconds video clip or a photograph that is visible for 24hours and you can choose who all can see it. You can choose your preference under Settings>Privacy>Status.

You can exclude people, include few of them.. whatever you want.

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Profile Picture Download Disabled

Talk about profile pictures, there have been surveys about this, to what extent having a good profile picture is important to the users, and surely others saved it because they felt doing so. Quite a few users might have found the saving the display picture feature a bit invasion in their privacy, or nonconsensual. But not anymore, the Beta version of the App has now disabled the saving profile picture/Display picture, although group icons can still be downloaded and saved. Well, I think it needed to be taken care of.

This update will be available for regular WhatsApp users soon.


So, concluding team WhatsApp is working to make it better and as user-friendly as possible. And that is remarkable. Launched in 2009 this App has a tremendous impact in the virtual world for almost 10 years.

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