Uber began testing food delivery by Drones.

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Uber Eats in San Diego, California, is testing the delivery of McDonald’s air drones. The company is close to obtaining a license from an air carrier.

This summer, Uber will begin shipping food to San Diego with drones to find out how to send orders to customers in a densely populated urban environment, where it’s not so easy to fly to the front door.

It is assumed that the restaurant will ship order for the Uber Eats drone, which then flies to the landing site for delivery to the Uber Eats courier, and that passes the last mile (or several feet) to the client. Besides, the company plans to put drones on the roofs of cars Uber Eats with the attached QR-code.

Within the framework of the experiment, Uber Eats cooperates with Uber Elevate, a division of the city airline company. Luke Fischer, Uber Elevate Flight Operations Manager, said it was crucial to determine how the delivery of drones would take place in a densely populated urban environment.

“We do not need to send the drones directly to the client, we just need to bring them closer,” he said Wednesday at the Uber Elevate conference in Washington.

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Last month, Uber conducted several test deliveries from McDonald’s to the University of San Diego using the AR200 series drill. The company is developing a drone designed specifically for food delivery and plans to demonstrate it this year.

The San Diego test program is operated under the auspices of the federal Unmanned Flight Integration Program (UAS IPP). Fisher said that Uber is close to obtaining an air carrier license from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Uber Eats is a vital source of revenue for Uber, which continues to lose billions annually as the growth of a critical taxi business is slowing down. This year, Uber Eats can bring at least $ 1 billion in revenue, delivering orders worth $ 10 billion worldwide.

Uber Eats within the pilot program will deliver food not only from McDonald’s but also from other partner restaurants, including the popular Juniper & Ivy locals.

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