Insane Trending Top Technologies Of 2019

Trending Top Technologies

Insane Trending Top Technologies Of 2019

The use of computer and many other electronic devices has become very vital in our daily lives. Either, you are working in an office or a kitchen you need such equipment in one way or another. There was a time when the purpose of computers was just to save data and provide feedback or to solve problems but it’s more than that. You can share important documents and files holding memorable moments from your home through your computer or laptop to someone sitting thousands of miles away.

Insane Trending Top Technologies Of 2019
Insane Trending Top Technologies Of 2019

Technological advancements and inventions of many devices have made many things easy for us and that prompted many young minds to read and find more about these advancements. There are various scientific developments and terminologies people are eager to learn. Today, we are going to discuss those things and try to elaborate and discuss them separately so that would be helpful and easy for you to understand.

Quantum Computing

As we all know that almost all computers depend on the basic ability to store, save and operate data and information. Normal computers operate in separate bits and store information in the form of binary numbers 0 and 1. Now, the way quantum computers are different than the ordinary computer is that they use mechanical phenomena of quantum to manipulate or operate the given information. In order to do this, they leverage on Quantum bits or Qbits.

Its main purpose is to handle enormous situations at the same time and it does that through the superposition of states along with entanglement which is another quantum mechanical phenomena. The best example of Quantum computing advantage is artificial intelligence which uses past experiences to become more accurate and give feedback. The provided feedback is based on calculating probabilities from many choices and that makes it the best option for quantum computing.


Blockchain consist of a lengthy or growing list of records also known as blocks and linked with each other through cryptography. Now, for those who don’t know about cryptography, it’s a study of techniques for safe and secure communication and to tackle the attacks from adversaries whose purpose is to steal information.

Blockchain is one of the distributed ledger (replicated, shared and arranged digital data spread across various sites and countries) and can record transactions between two parties in a more accurate and everlasting way. Blockchain is considered as the backbone of a new kind of internet, though it was originally made for digital currency like bitcoin and now it has many other potential uses. AS blockchain has no central authority and it’s connected by the cluster of computers so everyone can access the information. That makes anything in blockchain clear and everyone who is involved is answerable and accountable to each other.

Blockchain works in a safe manner as one party who wishes to initiate transaction creates a block and then after getting verified by thousands of computers, it gets added into the chain. So fabricating a single record means fabricating or falsifying entire chain which is considered virtually impossible. The blockchain has no transaction fee.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It’s part of computer science and focuses on the creation machine that acts like humans. They are designed to perform many functions like speech recognition, learning, planning, and problem-solving. AI has become an important part of industry and research associated with it’s very technical and requires special skills.

The primary function of AI is to train a computer to have characteristics like knowledge, reasoning, learning, planning, and problem-solving and most importantly ability to manipulate and advance objects. AI is considered very vital for today’s industry as it allows machines to do works of humans and they are more ideal as they are less likely to make mistakes.

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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

“It’s like dream comes true” this statement suits best on VR. It’s the use of computer technology to form a kind of replicate environment. Users can interact with the 3D world rather than sitting on the couch and watching the front screen. Using VR you can visualize and even touch the things of the artificial world.

VR and AR are almost two sides of the same coin. AR popularity is growing because it brings things from the artificial world into the real world. The word Augmented means to enhance and AR adds sounds, graphics, and feedback into our natural world to enhance our experience, unlike VR which creates a virtual environment for us to have a better experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a system of affiliated computing devices or machines and even people that are provided with distinctive identifiers and have the ability to exchange or transfer data without a human to human or computer interaction. Numbers of firms are using IoT to have a better understanding of their customers in order to provide better services and to work more efficiently.

IOT contains an ecosystem of a smart device that different communication hardware and sensors to collect, send and to act on data they acquire. The networking and communication protocols used for IoT depend upon the IoT application deployed.

Intelligent Apps

The advent of smartphones brought multiple apps with them. These are helping us to communicate and to do our daily life work. Intelligent apps help the user not only to perform key decisions but also learn from users interactivity to become more useful and valuable for other users.

These apps can make contextual predictions by reading our choices and differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information through AI. They could assist you by wrapping unnecessary works without bothering you with notifications. Such Apps can also predict what you need next and perform tasks that may require multiple steps with a single press of a button.

Big data

This term is used to describe a large amount of data that overwhelms organization business on a day to day business. As businesses are more concerned about relevant data so big data needs to be analyzed to understand what leads to better strategy and decisions.

Organizations receive data from various sources from transactions to social media. In the past, it wasn’t easy to store such a large amount of data but new technologies have eased the burden. Data comes in different forms from numeric to text forms and from emails to videos. Not only that as data comes from multiple sources so it makes them more complex and difficult to transform so all of these need to be analyzed thoroughly and with proper care.


The world is changing rapidly so our ways of doing work. It may be good for some people to be of a bit old school but it is necessary for today’s time to remain aware of things happening around you. The study and awareness of science are not just for students of science but for every individual who is somehow using different devices created by engineers or scientists and are helping us in many ways and better knowledge of science is the right way to move forward with time either in house life or in business.

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