7 Crazy Tips To Ask For Raise In Salary

Ask For Raise In Salary

If you’re an Employee and reading this, Salary is one of the Most Crucial aspects of your job that you rely on. Hence if you’re thinking of asking for a raise there should be no hesitancy in it.

If you still feel hesitant then this is for You, read it well.

Before barging into your boss, prepare yourself

Why do you deserve this raise?

Why your current salary isn’t enough for you?

Is it the Appropriate time to ask for it?

7 Crazy Tips To Ask For Raise In Salary

Here are a few more points which can help you Ask For It.

Have a Polite Initiative

Going to your boss and asking for a salary raise with an aggressive manner is the last thing you want to do, So start the conversation politely.

Explain yourself CLEARLY. Unclear vision is a turnoff.


Do Not Threaten

Though it might seem easy to get a new job where you can get more money, threatening is not something for which you went in there, let your boss think about it in his/her own way.

Be Determined To Get What You Want

Be determined but not overconfident, do not underestimate a NO for an answer but be determined to get a YES.

Although don’t end the conversation about the raise without an assured YES.

Don’t Let Other Aspects Overpower Your Conversation

 Be clear that why do you want a raise, and why do you deserve the raise, don’t let stupid reasons and excuses overpower the conversation, not even in jokes.

Don’t compare your salary with your fellow colleagues, have your own countenance.

Ask For Raise
Ask For Raise

Accept What Comes Your Way

Whether it may seem that your boss is taking the whole conversation the other way around be patient and try to understand what he has to offer, and try to accept the way he thinks, this way they have an assurance that you’re not greedy and stubborn when it comes to money.

Don’t Ask For Too Much At A Time

Don’t be greedy asking for a lot, negotiate it in a manner that’s acceptable in your office environment, ask for an amount that you really need, in alignment to what they could grant you. Don’t go way too above of your line thinking that if this is denied you will lower it.

Keep it real, keep it simple.

Hear it out what your boss has to offer.

If you don’t agree with it, have a compassionate explanation on it. Too many counterpoints will only take you towards an ugly spat.

It’s a negotiation with your boss and not in a market.

Your boss probably has 10 more employees that will ask for raise at the same time as you, be better than everyone else asking for it.

The less you come out greedy the more your boss will know how genuinely you deserve a raise.

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Have Patience

Doesn’t matter what urge you feel to complete your side and get the Damn raise, have the patience to hear the other side too, don’t cling to it, don’t creep your boss out to think that all you care about is your raise and you’re greedy.

Now, your boss may ask you to wait for a day or two for him to think or what not, don’t cling if it goes this way. Wait until he gives you the answer, don’t keep on asking and leave an unpleasant impression.

 Wait until the day arrives and until the correct moment of the conversation arrives.


So concluding this hesitation is normal but be confident enough to validate yourself in front of a higher authority.

And I hope you get the salary you deserve. And the raise you deserve.

And if you have a couple of employees under you and you just read this whole article, take a look into your employees live and be a good boss.


If you found this helpful and implemented it, let us know in the comment section below your story of getting the raise, to inspire others to do it.

Or if you feel something is missing just leave a sentence about what you think.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

And lastly be humble in whatever you do, whether it’s a job or you’re the boss.

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