The latest technology of the movie show with “presence effect.”

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The latest technology of the movie show with “presence effect.”

The cinema hall is being tested with a new technology of the cinema exhibition, reports Technology ScreenX will first appear in the cinema hall of Odessa.

The latest technology of the movie show with “presence effect.”

As it is mentioned, the company Multiplex tests the cinema with a new technology movie show, said on its page in Facebook CEO Vitaly Pisarenko.

According to him, ScreenX is the latest movie show technology. She designs the image on the walls of the cinema, which allows him to be “inside the film.”

The first hall with such technology will be opened in Odessa in August this year. During 2019, ScreenX will appear in other major cities.

“They signed a contract for the delivery of ScreenX, the latest film technology. The first one will be lucky to the citizens of Odessa – in August we will open the first ScreenX hall in the Riviera shopping mall. During the year, such halls will appear in all major cities. Technology is new, and I’m sure that viewers will love it. The bottom line is that on the side walls of the hall is projected an image that allows you to be “inside” the film. The presence effect is fantastic, you can soon see for yourself, “- he wrote.

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