Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Game Review

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Star wars are indeed the most beloved series of films since 1977. It subsequently expanded and became a pop culture phenomena and is admired across the globe it’s fans. And later on expanded into other media such as comic books, video games, novels, merchandise, television series and much more.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Or you are interested in Star Wars? Well if yes, then go ahead and read this, and download the game and play it.

The game is named Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes.

Most of the star wars fan’s must have been to the theme parks based on Star Wars or adventure based on Star Wars, if no this game is all you need and if yes, you would surely relive the experience with this game.

The game has it’s set up around making the player Master of the galaxy, fight with legendary villains, it specifies the presence of “millennium falcon” which sets hopes high for the game and what Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes has to offer.

Basically, players live their Star War dream in this game. Choose your battles to create your own team, plenty of creative choices available, plenty of strategy ideas available.

This game “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” is the most popular amongst all other Star Wars based Games.

Some of the features that catch attention are:

  • Vide choice spectrum for making teams
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Play with powerful champions
  • Epic battles
  • Iconic Star Wars movie like experience
  • Create your own guild

Moreover, the players can devise their own strategies with unbeatable squads and their complementary abilities.

Create and customize your own squad with the help of characters from every era also from the new Star Wars: the last Jedi, Star Wars: Rogue One, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Anyone you want a retro or the latest, it’s your choice.

Playing with powerful champions has never been more fun.

Command like luke skywalker’s Destined Strike, Darth Vader’s Force Crush, and Young Han Solo’s Trick Shot.

Isn’t this fascinating enough for a person who’s into Star Wars?

But there’s so much more of an experience that no review can cover. From having your own guild to fighting the battles as you wish you can challenge pro players across the world and join the community across the globe and be the Master of Galaxy as you want.

The game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was first released in the year 2015 and it has been in the talks since.

The most recent update of the year 2019 includes features such as:

  • New challenges
  • Championship wise promotions to face toughest opponents in the game
  • Brand new leaderboards
  • More Amazing graphical weapons and spaceships.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is rated for individuals 12+ years of age which is because of the mild violence it offers in the battles of the galaxy

It has over 1M+ reviews and is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes has 10M+ downloads.

Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes is in the Editor’s Choice list for  

  1. Being the most popular amongst the fans.
  2. For offering a wide spectrum of choices in characters which allows the players to play from both the dark side and the light side.
  3. Iconic battles.

This game offers you the most realistic Star Wars experience you could ever find as a game player.

For the sake of Star Wars, it is worth giving a try and plays this.

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