How To Get Discovered On Social Media? – Snapchat

How To Get Discovered On Social Media? – Snapchat

Before entering in the Social Media World where everyone is trying to become an influencer and want to get known by society. People have made social media as the platform to become famous.

You should know some things before getting started with developing your presence on social media. This is the common tactics you should learn. There are two ways to get discovered by the community that is:

  1. Long Grinding Strategy – Use of hashtags in a smart way
  2. Again Long Grinding Strategy – Direct Messaging and reaching out to people

Yeah, both of them are long grinding strategies because creating your brand is not the short time process. It requires time and too much patience.

From the above 2 points, the second one is the promising tactics which always works for almost everyone. That’s why you too, should focus on the tactic #2. There are a lot of chances that, you should count on this second process taking years, not months. And if this is the thing, which is bothering you. You should stop reading this RIGHT NOW.

Snapchat - Social Media
Snapchat – Social Media

You might feel uncomfortable in direct messaging strangers. But, that’s how it is. And that’s how you are going to build your presence. Because strangers are going to become your fan.

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Let us keep this thing aside, we will talk about this in another post. For now, let’s discuss How you can build your influence/brand on Snapchat?


Let me give you some little overviews about the stats from snapchat.

Snapchat has over 200+ Million Daily Active Users, 10 Billion+ Daily Video Views, 2.5 Billion+ Daily Snaps and approximately 18 visits from Daily Active User PER DAY. Still, snapchat is somewhere underestimated platform in the social media category.

That is why I choose Snapchat in the first place.

Founders of Snapchat conceived snapchat as the anti-Facebook which is a photo-sharing app for imperfect, impermanent and spontaneous content. Which we called the Story Feature which, almost every social media has copied from the Snapchat.

Today Snapchat app allows everyone to post videos as well as photos with kind of extra filters, emojis, and much more interesting and entertaining features.

You can almost make any kind of video or post on snapchat: Dog Filters, Slow-Mo Content, Geofilters, Lenses, Emojis, Etc. And Much More … 

How To Get Discovered On Snapchat?

This app is one of the most valuable for anyone whose brand is starting to scale. Much of your competition is hitting their focus on Instagram, which means those old and potential eyeballs are still on Snapchat looking for more content to feed them related to your industry. All you have to do is to, feed them what they want.

Work, that’s how you get it.

This business world is separated into types. You can say as the two sides of the same coins. One of those sides is conversion based salespeople and another is branding and marketing people.

This conversion based salespeople strategy is the short term strategy which works for a short time and people get caught into this. And this another strategy branding and marketing people. It is the very long term strategy, but it is reliable, 100% successful.

So, if you have to build your brand on Snapchat start following the nd strategy. Put out more content to your audience…

Start direct messaging people in your field. DM to at least 200-300 people. At least, one of them will be interested to work with you.

All you have to do is to take action at this moment.


This is the most efficient way to grow on Snapchat. Because there is no that much discoverability on Snapchat as other social media’s do have.  Start collaborating with the people who are in your field. They will also post that thing on their snapchat and eventually, some of their followers will start following you.

Now, if you have the best quality content in your feed. They can be your loyal audience. That’s the t of engagement which you have to look for.


Snapchat is another big social media, which no one can afford to ignore. You should dare to share your content over there and build your audience there.

Thank you so much for reading 😉 If u have anything to say, put it down in the comment box. 

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