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If you’re into Digital Marketing you probably know almost everything about SEO really well. Great!

SEO is seen to be the least transparent element in digital marketing, well I don’t feel the same about it, but if you do, then this is definitely going to be a helpful list for you.

SEO Tools Art
SEO Tools Art

We got everything you need to know about digital marketing if you’ve interested furthermore brose our other stuff too.

SEO is not as crucial and tangled as it seems, still, if there’s a difficulty you encounter, don’t worry this 5 tools got you covered when its about SEO.

Top 5 SEO Tools That Every SEO Needs

Here is the list of top 5 SEO tools that can prove of great use to you in the long run of your Digital Marketing Venture.


Launched in 2008, With more than 2,000,000+ users across the world currently, SEMrush is an SEO tool that helps you handle all your keyword research and strategies implemented by your competitors and helps you with your analytical research much more. It is also rewarded the best SEO tool in the year 2018.

It offers you a 14Day free Trial and later on it has plans ranging from $99 p.m to $399 p.m according to the uses you implement.


Being much popular amongst all your other SEO tools Ahrefs claims itself to offer you the most diverse backlink index, it claims itself to be the fastest backlink crawler in the run with over 14 trillion links, and it claims itself the Second most active after google.

It offers you a 15Day trial and rest has its plans ranging from $ 99 p.m to $999 p.m

Though it may seem to be a bit more expensive than the other options it is certainly worth it.

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Started in 2013 with only 3 employees, Serpstat now has over 76 employees. Like any other SEO tools, Serpstat toon offers you your keyword research and PPC etc.

It is not amongst the most popular ones but is always aiming to be better each passing day. Which is good.

Plans range from $ 69 p.m to $499p.m whatever you find convenient.


Moz Pro Aims to simplify SEO for everyone who needs it. Started in the year 2007 Moz Pro is only aiming to become better every day.

It offers you the best it can from targeting the most accurate keywords to creating custom reports.

Apart from its 30Day Free trial Annual Subscription plans range from $ 99 p.m to $599 p.m.


Started in 2005, Like any other SEO tools, Spyfu too offers keyword research tools, PPC research and what not. What sets Spyfu apart is its PPC research with regards to your competitor and its flexibility in subscription plans. And subscription plans range from $33 p.m to $299 p.m

If you really focus on boosting your revenue in digital marketing, Spyfu guarantees you that. So Go for it.


So here I would like to conclude that SEO is a really important aspect of Digital Marketing. And It is one of the least understood aspects too, and that’s the reason such SEO tools see this as an opportunity to step in and simplify it for everyone interested in it.

So if you’re really diving in Digital Marketing Get your SEO Game on point.

Hope this article was helpful enough to choose a correct SEO tool in alignment with the subscriptions and everything.

Leave a comment below, what you think about it.

Feedback is appreciated.

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