New levels of technology. In the education system, a digital environment will be created

The IT Education project will create a digital education infrastructure. As a result, the industry will receive technologies of a fundamentally new level. Educational products for business inquiries will also be developed.

GC “Enlightenment” at the recently held St. Petersburg International Economic Forum announced the commencement of work jointly with “IKS Holding” company “IT Enlightenment.” It will focus on creating a single, large-scale digital environment in the education system.

Thanks to this industry, it must make a technological breakthrough, go to a qualitatively new level of development, and fully begin to meet the demands of the labor market. The partners intend to achieve the stated goals by developing and introducing into the practice of educational institutions the latest technological solutions.

“These will be digital solutions for teachers, parents, and students, in which methods of education are collected, and more,” said Alexei Shapovalov, vice president of the Enlightenment group of companies. – In essence, high-quality content will be turned into a permanent functional solution. ” According to him, this will give education and related industries “digital products and technologies of a fundamentally new level.”

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Specific practical steps will, in the first place, be undertaken in the direction of updating the educational infrastructure. In particular, on-line solutions will be introduced for communication and prompt resolution of all emerging issues among teachers, pupils, and parents in instructional practice.

Among their other functions, they will track the gaps in the knowledge of this or that disciple and offer methods for their completion. Also, the partners will be engaged in the creation of digital content and methodological products. Particular attention will be paid to improving the qualifications of teachers. It is also planned to develop school navigation systems, digital libraries, online ordering food at school dining-rooms.

The result will be a solution to several urgent technological problems. In particular, the issue of the impossibility of verifying the content of existing online platforms should be removed from the agenda, which ultimately prevents them from using in the educational process.

No less important is the creation of a data management system for collecting and analyzing information at the school or local administration level. At the moment, experts say, the school analyst is poorly developed.

National Educational Online Platform

The other main activity of the company “IT Enlightenment” is the development of commercial, educational products for individuals, and legal entities.

Also, it aims to create a network of about eighty innovative education centers throughout Russia, an educational process that will focus on business inquiries. “The goal of the centers is to train students and students in new professions, such as a digital lawyer, digital teacher and so on,” they say.

Also, Alexey Shapovalov noted that the rapidly changing labor market poses new challenges to the education system. Today’s employers, he said, need competitive and creative employees, who can only prepare them using a “more thoughtful approach to the formation of an educational agenda.”

Bringing the education system into line with the demands of the labor market, as Shapovalov said, will help solve several critical issues. In particular, we are talking about the development of regional economies, the formation of new cultural and technological clusters that directly affect the educational outcome and the decline in migration of graduates of local schools and universities to major metropolitan areas.

It is supposed that as a result, the digital “multi-layered” education system will be overcome.

In the future, a national educational online platform should appear that reaches or exceeds its foreign counterparts, having dozens or even hundreds of millions of users. In many ways, the activities of the company “IT Education” will contribute to solving the problems identified in the national projects “Education” and “Digital Economy.”

Both of them suggest the creation of a large-scale digital environment based on three components: electronic document management, a platform for the teaching and interaction of teachers, students and parents, and versatile digital educational content.

In the general perspective, the goal is to enter Russia into the top ten advanced countries by the level of education by the year 2024.

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