Facebook launches it’s own Cryptocurrency

Facebook launches it's own Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the Spice these Days. Global Economy joining hands with technology is flourishing and it’s evident to everyone. With the mobile phone being the most common device, it’s now very convenient to carry around digital cash with you.

All other currencies emerging and making the most out of it, now Facebook has decided to take a dive into this and the hype is Real.

A couple of days ago Mark Zuckerberg posted a Facebook update describing Facebook’s Cryptocurrency “libra”. Facebook aims to make a contribution in the betterment of the global economy by introducing libra and being honest. I felt pretty neutral about it!

But not the rest of the world..apparently Facebook is in all sorts of controversies from privacy to unsafe information spills!

So “Libra” is a cryptocurrency that will be out and launched in 2020. Users will be able to use this currency at Facebook as well as WhatsApp for their transfers.

Omitting every hassle you might face carrying around cash or any sort of bank unavailability around you. “Libra” will be there to save your Day.

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Rest Facebook aims for more efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency that is hassle-free and more familiar than other cryptocurrencies. Facebook also plans on launching a subsidiary company around “libra” termed as “Calibra”. It will help you maintain your financial affairs a little more efficiently. Many of the leading ventures like eBay are about to build their own services around “libra” and Facebook is quite confident about this, in their new post update which announced the currency.

Rest it will start off with a digital wallet and then facebook aims to make it big in the global financial blockchain!

Now almost half of the world criticizing it about its logo to its decentralization, I believe “Libra” is here to Stay.

Facebook is one of the most used platforms in the history of social media for messages and communication across the globe, so now if it aims to make currency as simple as text messages to send and to receive I see no harm in it.

Also taking an initiative to make something hassle-free, and easy to access that too at low costs, is a brave step to take and Facebook has made its way till here.

What are your views on it? Is it worth or not? Is it something you will be interested in or not? Let us know.

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