Does Facebook Use Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing

We all want efficient and reliable web hosting services, and we can manage and store data. Cloud computing is one such model or a remote server that allows you to store, manage, and process data without your computer or local server.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has gained immense appeal from corporate data centers because it provides a variety of services from managing to storage and from serving to applications. It delivers these services to an organization through the internet.

Cloud computing trends started from large multinational companies but later adopted by small enterprises as mostly happens in the business world. Cloud computing is unique and different from other services as it is sold on demand, users can access service at any time and use them as much as they want and provide manage the services solely, you require a personal computer and internet.

What Is Cloud Computing
What Is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Uses

Through cloud computing data center can operate as internet and users can access and share resources in a protected manner. Cloud computing has mainly three types of services

Private clouding

Private clouding Also known as the private or corporate cloud provides organization best control over the environment as it is dedicated to the goals of a single organization, unlike the public, which offers services to many firms.

Public clouding

In public clouding, applications and storage are available for the general public, and an independent third party maintains it’s computing services. Amazon web service is one such clouding service.

Hybrid clouding

Hybrid Clouding is a mix of both previously explained clouding as it connects the infrastructure of both clouding services and can arrange both environments workload. It requires a high level of compatibility between the leading software and services of private and public clouding.

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Does Facebook use Cloud Computing?

Does Facebook use Cloud Computing? This is the most common question hear when we discuss cloud computing and It has a simple answer, “yes.” Now, why is that?

Facebook Cloud Computing Architecture

Facebook could be called as a cloud service as you can access your files, photos, and updates on Facebook from anywhere you want through remote clients, and all you want is access to the internet. Facebook also has an inbuilt API system (set of functions allowing you to create apps having access to data of operating system) for developers.

Facebook has its own data center that continuously improves its data center to have better efficiency and utilization. Nevertheless, Facebook data centers don’t host other enterprises environment. Facebook, which was once only a social network, now has become a platform for cloud service providers. Apart from Facebook, Gmail is also considered as one of the cloud service providers.

Facebook started to build their own data center in 2010, and now they have managed to procure what’s app one of the world most renowned social media app.


The business world has changed so rapidly so our ways of doing business. In current times firms who are more sophisticated and have better and effective forms of communication are more successful than those who still use old and slow communication and access networks.
Cloud servicing is one such tool, and in times like these, you need such things to stay up to date and remain compatible with time because time is more valuable than money.

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