What is ChatBot? AI Chatbot Success Reasons


We, humans, are always eager to make things possible in a matter of seconds. Our generation is so found of achieving things with the least effort. Like, many of us would wish to have a chef who can present your favorite food in seconds by just listening to you and you don’t have to go to a certain restaurant to eat your favorite dish.

The invention of the computer and cell phones have made many things possible and easy for us and also opened doors for new inventions. Computer mostly got replaced by laptops and tablets while ordinary cell phones got replaced by smartphones. Nevertheless, the induction of these things wasn’t enough as we all always something more and better than the previous one.

What distinct smartphones mostly from old cellphones are their modern features especially the touch screen and chatbot. We always love to chat it’s in our nature at least in most of us and makes it easy to provide our opinion and thoughts rather than selecting from the one provided by the person or in case of smartphones apps on the other side. So without further delay, let’s find out why chatbot is so successful and discuss some interesting facts about it.

What is Chatbot?

It was in 2016 when everyone in the tech industry was talking about chatbot. Many believed that chatbot would transform the way we discern mobile technology but I will refrain myself from giving such big statements. Still, it’s a truth that chatbot did bring lots of changes in the tech industry and no doubt it was a big milestone for the makers of the chatbot. It is an Artificial Intelligence software designed to simplify the interaction between us and computers. It can imitate chat with us or a user through original language via some app, website or through telephone.

Chatbot manages to extract data and relevant searches by identifying user intentions and it is considered as the most important step for the chatbot. After identifying the user intent chatbot provide the most appropriate response that might be in a form of predefined text or retrieved from the knowledge that includes different answers. A chatbot is considered important because you can different technological tools to create chatbot depends on its usage. It includes a different combination of Artificial intelligence like machine learning and natural language that helps to communicate with the user and understand the user better.

AI Chatbot Success Reasons

A chatbot is normally divided into two types, one type is in which chatbot is integrated into apps while others use an existing platform like messenger, etc. In early periods chatbots were criticized for not providing the required results but their makers are continuously modernizing them and that’s making them more and more successful. A chatbot is considered useful for people who use it for the normal purpose from online shopping to other personal query but the most important use of chatbot is in the business industry. The most common fact of running a business is to bring productivity in your work to have higher profit and low overhead.

Chatbot most important reason behind its success is that it saves time and those who know a business can understand the value of time and money. Through chatbot, you can interact and serve more numbers of customers and can also get answers from websites more rapidly.

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Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in profit maximizing. As they don’t require break either they sleep so they are available 24/7. For instance, it may frustrate some customers if they have to wait for long hours for a few answers so using chatbot will keep them satisfied and profitable for a business.

There are fewer chances of Error by chatbot because it doesn’t forget anything, transpose numbers and make other mistakes. Humans are used to making such mistakes but a chatbot is not so they will give the right answer and makes them a key asset for the company.

Last but not least Chatbot saves Money as it cost 2k to 10k or sometimes higher based on complexity still it’s cheaper than hiring a worker and provide benefits more than human as well as less likely to make mistakes. A chatbot may sound expensive to some but you can use them in the long term and they don’t require money neither demands increase in their pay.

Chatbot Success
Chatbot Success

Voice Activated Chatbot

Users can interact with a chatbot using text and voice interface. Both have some pros and some negative points but still many prefer to have voice activated chatbot. Invoice interface, you connect with the chatbot via voice message in natural language and then chatbot replies using prerecorded messages. In text interface, you convey your message through text so you have to push buttons and touch screens and some people are not really cool with it because it’s more time consuming than voice interface.

A voice-activated chatbot is available in many devices from computers to smartphones and from wearable devices to other internet things. The main factor that makes Voice Activated chatbot so special is that you can interact with it hands-free. The most common examples of a voice-activated chatbot are Amazon Echo and Google Home.

AI recognition technology

We live in a time where everyone is in a hurry. In times like these AI can be so useful and even it can surpass the human brain capacity. Recognition technology is one such thing in which the system can judge the person better than the human eye.

Recognition system can be of facial, gesture and speech recognition but the most common one used nowadays are thumb recognition and facial recognition.


The most important benefit is the improvement of the security level. As there are almost zero chances that Ai recognition system make mistake in recognizing someone.

Accuracy rates are so high thanks to today’s recognition system.

It’s Automatic and it doesn’t require a team or special attention of someone to operate it. Its automation is one of the main reason behind its use.

We all know about the importance of Time and recognition system almost finish the chances of Time fraud as it is not under the control of anyone so no chances of fraud on the worker side no matter how much perks you enjoy or how influential you are.


AI has made our life easy and the invention of a chatbot is the best example of it. There is still a need to do more with the chatbot but they have lots of benefits. Either you are using them for your normal stuff or for business purposes use of chatbot could make your life easy and your work efficient.

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