10 Must-Read Books For Bloggers

10 Must-Read Books For Bloggers

10 Must-Read Books For Bloggers

Probably you’re here because you’re a blogger, or you’re here because you are a reader

Or both!!!

Or you’re in search of good book recommendations and incorporate the knowledge into your blogging,

Whatever it is, your quest ends here

I present you 10 must-read books for bloggers.

The One Thing

AUTHOR: Gary W Keller, Jay Papasan

THE ONE THING is not a fictional book. First published in 2013. It has been marked as a best seller in almost all renowned lists including Amazon and The Wall Street Journal.

The book focuses on the advantages of focusing, prioritizing and completing ONE TASK AT A TIME.

So, if you feel overwhelmed due to the crapload of work you cannot deal with, grab a copy and read this book

Permission Marketing

AUTHOR: Seth Godin.

PERMISSION MARKETING was published in the year 1999, now almost 20 years behind from now this book still stands concrete on the information and knowledge about marketing and has its focus revolving around the audience/consumer aspect of marketing!

Now if you have your brain cells triggered and focused enough in your field you probably must have realized how this book is going to help you step up your game.

Grab yourself a copy if you’re wishing to take your client communication techniques to the next level.


   AUTHOR: Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hanasson

The tagline “CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORK FOREVER” itself draws the attention that this book, REWORK is aiming to revamp your working sync to make it more efficient and better.

The authors compile and pen down their experience and lessons learned from their life and start-up into this book and bring into light that, in a venture “only focusing on what really matters” can get you going places. And will change your perspective about work forever.

The 4-Hour Work Week

AUTHOR: Tim Ferriss.

        Published in 2007, this book is the ultimate paper-based encouragement you are looking for, to escape your 9-5 crap job and live the life you dream of.

This book has been translated into multiple languages and sold millions of copies, not just because it gives you the hope to escape 9-5 jobs, but it has something so valuable in it for your “SELF-IMPROVEMENT”.

Rest you won’t realize how much you needed it until you take a look into it.

Grab yourself a copy, and we assure you-you won’t be disappointed.

Getting Things Done

AUTHOR: David Allen.

So, if (IF), You are one of those people who struggle in making pace with basic aspects of a stable life such as Time Management, Procrastination, distractions, unawareness.

This is a must read for you.

Published in 2001 it still manages to hold its place in one of the best books regarding time management.

Don’t wait for anything more, grab yourself a copy and Get your things Done.

The book breaks down the time management secrets into steps and you will be amazed at how easy is to get your things done on time rather than delaying it.

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AUTHOR: Drew Eric Whitman.

Haha, it’s a steal if you are aware of yourself as a marketing person and a blogger too because, oh boy! I cannot stress this enough THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL. From the paid advertising aspects to how you should advertise in alignment with human psychology.

And it is straightly based on FACTS.

No bluffs, everything’s set to amaze your each brain cell as a person interested in advertising your product.

Published in 2008, this book still holds it place in paid advertising as one of the most highlighting books ever.

Make sure you read it

Start With Why

AUTHOR: Simon Sinek.

START WITH WHY ever heard of THE GOLDEN CIRCLE?? No, dive into this book and it will change your life forever!

It is a striking book filled with inspiration.

The book simply starts with how approaching your situations with “WHY” proves the best way to get an answer out of it.

Now you’ve approached your situations with a “WHY” and got your answers Great! But if you haven’t than make sure you read this.

AND…if you’ve never Approached your situations with a “WHY” , then I don’t think you should wait for anything else to come spoon feed you that this might be the moment you were waiting for to get out of it.

Read it.

Epic Content Marketing


Familiar with marketing your content? Or a newbie in the marketing content game, this book got you covered when it comes to marketing the content in any form or shape!!!

Published in 2013, it gives you a piece of mind of the author who probably invented content marketing in the first place.

It is available as a PDF, audiobook and in paper form too.

Now having these many options to take a look into it and still missing out on one of the best selling content marketing related books is a shame for you as a marketing person and as a reader or as a person who had an opportunity to learn something but missed out on it KNOWINGLY. And get this if you do something bullshit KNOWINGLY, you will face the consequences and you won’t be pleased by it.

Read it.

DotCom Secrets


It is a book, that can scale any business online. The book really focuses on the internet benefits you can avail for your venture and make it worthwhile.

The author himself has a phenomenally successful business which he built on his own. So the book sure ain’t disappointing when you’re looking for scaling your business online and looking up to a person’s wise words who has actually did it for REAL.

Published in 2015 the book can take your business places if you’re skilled enough to implement the knowledge from it into your life.

Get it.

Expert Secrets


 “Be an expert in your niche?” says a review about this book, this is a gem you have available in your whole marketing treasure.

You sure won’t believe anyone who says anything but this book comes from the author who is a living leader in online marketing who made it big. And now is sprinkling his knowledge in his books.

If you were on this page to find something to read and elevate your business/entrepreneurship skills and you didn’t give this book a chance to flip your life.


And if you’re interested in buying it. Get it here.


So here I conclude my list of 10 books, surely each one is unique in their own way.

If you’re a bookworm grab all 10 and sink into all the knowledge you can.

Or even if you choose any one of it proved to be a great source of knowledge to you and helped you achieve something… being the one who loves to read it will mean a lot to me.

Make sure you read it and come back to comment below to let us know your story.

Feedback is appreciated and it takes less than 30 seconds to write a sentence. Don’t be such miser do it.

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