Top 8 Amazing AI Based Job Opportunities In India

AI Based Job Opportunities In India

Top 8 Amazing AI Based Job Opportunities In India

Artificial Intelligence is now More accessible than it was ever in India, from AI training institutes to jobs it’s all now a norm as compared to earlier when AI was confined to high-tech Labs only.

And it offers you the most amazing job opportunities if you are qualified enough!

Read ahead and take a look in Job Opportunities available in India.

AI Based Job Opportunities
AI-Based Job Opportunities

ML Applied Research Scientist

Like any other ML Applied research jobs, the job here will be pretty much-creating programs that allow and enable the machines to take actions. That is more than just programming.

Qualification Required:  Masters, Ph.D. in CS

Other Essential Skills needed: Programming Skills (ofc), Good Communication Skills.

Experience required: 5-8 years of relevant experience, and you might be asked if you have any of your own research work contributing to the field.

Estimated Salary:INR 90,000-2,00,000 p.m.

Vice President and Data Scientist of the company

     This job will have you either leading A particular team of Data scientists or either put you amongst the team depending on the skills you acquire.

 Qualifications Required: Masters,, B.E in Computer Science. Some hiring companies might emphasize on the institute you got your education from.

Other Essential Skills needed: Data analyzing skills, data mining skills, somewhat statistical skills, and programming skills.  

Experience Required: 2-5 years of relevant field experience

Estimated Salary:INR 50,000-1,00,000 p.m.

ML Intelligent system Researcher

  Qualifications Required: Masters or Ph.D. in CS

  Experience required: 5+ years of experience in the relevant field.

Other Essential Skills: Programming skills, familiarity in all sorts of most extensively used programming languages, Communication skills and Efficient team working spirit.

Estimated Salary:INR 50,000-1,00,000 p.m.

AI Engineer

As any other AI engineer, you will have to operate software, deploy machine learning algorithm and be the bridge between data science and software operators.

Qualification required:  Masters or BE in CS or a Ph.D. will work wonders

Other Essential Skills: Exceptional Programming skills, thoroughly interested and deep dived into AI, good communication Skills.

Experience Required: 2+ years of experience in the relevant field.

Estimated Salary: INR 90,000-4,00,000 p.m.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Unlike other programming jobs, your job as an ML engineer is beyond programming, you finna take care that the machine actually performs the programmed task. If not nigga you in trouble. Other tasks include Sentiment analysis, regression, Clustering, etc.

Qualification Required: Masters,doctoral in CS.

Other Essential Skills: Phenomenal Programming Skills, good communication skills

Experience Required: 2-9 years of relevant field experience

Estimated Salary: INR 50,000-10,00,000 p.m.

Data Scientist

INTERPRETING DATA will be your job uber this category. So you believe in your statistical,ML and being human skills you can be a Data Scientist.

Qualification Required: A Masters or Ph.D. in relevant Mathematics field.

Other Essential Skills: Technical skills include Programming skills.

Experience Required: 8-15 years of experience in evaluating and interpreting data in the field.

Estimated Salary: INR 40,000-5,00,000p.m.

AI team leader

You might be leading a team full of AI engineer’s

So your team working skills will be at the ultimate test.

Qualification Required: Masters or a Bachelors in relevant field

Experience Required: 2-10 years

Other skills include having a thorough theoretical knowledge in the aspect that you will be leading your team into.

Estimated Salary: INR 30,000 – 3,00,000p.m.

Business Development Manager

Here you will be working on making the venture as better as it gets. Making efforts in all departments in the venture, designing and developing Sales process in the venture, having increased sales and good impact of the venture on everyone else seeing it.

Qualification Required: Masters in the Relevant field.

Other Essential Skills: Tech skills, Phenomenal communication skills, and a great approach to human psychology.

Experience Required: 1-10 years in the relevant field.

Estimated Salary: INR15,000 to 25,000 p.m.


Concluding this, each job requires certain skills to be qualified for it. Jobs are never easy, nothing is ever easy. Having a job for your entire life is not smart. Each person hiring will have their own expectations and you will be working to meet those expectations. Being polite, kind and humble will take you places you would have never imagined. Your co-workers are never your friends and never they should be you’re there to work, so go work, socialize a bit, get your money and come home to your loved ones and be faithful to your job.

I hope you find joy in what you do.

Let us know in the comment section if something’s missing and feedback is always appreciated

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