What is AI Automation? How AI Automation Will Affects Us?

How AI Automation Affects Unemployment?

What is AI Automation? How AI Automation Will Affects Us?

“The Science of today is the technology of Tomorrow.” These are the words of famous American physicist Edward Teller.

What science has gained during the past few centuries has reshaped our way of life enormously. It makes our business, daily routine works, and our communication easy. Although no one denies the benefits of technological advancement by science for humanity, still it has some flaws, and it’s affecting us in a wrong way.

“Artificial intelligence is also known as Machine Intelligence” is one such example.


Artificial intelligence

Now many of you would wonder what’s artificial intelligence is and how it could affect an average person?

Well, it’s an act or intelligence demonstrated by machines rather than humans (which is called natural intelligence). In AI machines mimic the human way of doing things also called cognitive functions to perform tasks.

Artificial intelligence is divided into three types:

  • Reactive Machine
  • Limited Memory Machine
  • Self-Awareness Machine


Let us know them one by one

Reactive Machines are called reactive because they only can respond. IBM chess-playing robot is the best example. It can identify chess pieces to make its move and predict the opponent move but cannot store memory or take decisions based on experience.

Limited Memory Machine is the machine which can perform tasks based on past performance or data stored in it. Self-driving cars are the best example of this as they observe other car functions.

Self-awareness Machines are the most advanced form of AI yet. Robots who have consciousness and can imagine themselves. In January 2019 engineers from Colombia claimed that they had created a self-awareness Robot.
Artificial intelligence wasn’t recognized as academic research until 1956.

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What is AI Automation
What is AI Automation

Advantages of AI Automation

Though Artificial intelligence has made our life easy and decreased human intervention besides combining Ai and automation, we can remove any human intervention.

So, through AI, there are minimal chances of ERROR, and it’s one of the main reasons behind the advent of machines because they are less likely to make mistakes.

Apart, from this, some individuals perform errors intentionally with the purpose of FRAUD, and AI automation also prevents such people from doing this. Instead of placing guards or supervisors to check on every individual, you can put a security camera to overlook the operations.

Customer Service can be improved massively through AI automation. Chatbots are the best example as they listen to customer queries and answer them.

Though AI Automation You can have better brand management as a team can combine the analysis and then decide what would be the best for its customers.

Dis-Advantages of AI Automation

Ai has made our lives easy, but still, it has some flaws.

First of all, it’s a costly business from buying to receiving and from applying to maintenance, it needs lots of work and expense.

It’s a bit slow sometimes, and you can’t always feed new information or detail in it.

Work done by machines could be destructive sometimes if done improperly.

Most importantly, machines are usually less Creative then humans.

How AI Automation Affects Unemployment?

Automation has made our way of life and business more fast and efficient, but it’s also the primary concern for the employees who consider this technological advancement as a threat to their jobs.

If you can perform a task more rapidly and all you have to do is to invest one time and provide maintenance and repair cost it requires, then you wouldn’t want to hire individuals and pay them salaries daily.


AI Automation has many good but still some bad effects on us. It’s better to improve our way of life and make it easy, but it’s also essential to balance our life.

We need to be active and also take care of people who might get not destructive, but at least a significant effect from this advancement.

You can gain a lot from Artificial intelligence, but human creativity is still something unmatched yet.

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